Saturday, August 21, 2010

finished in 100th place

Started the day as I do most Saturday's when I am not at work or away ... with a parkrun at Banstead Wood. See for more info on parkrun.

Around 150 people meet up in Banstead Wood each Saturday at 9 am for a 5k timed run. And it's free. Today was my 37th parkrun. I came in at position 100 out of 147 at a time of 27min 50 sec. Pretty slow for me but I was taking it easy after yesterday's run. Also it was a warm morning and I tend to overheat when it's warm.

Some more stats. According to my Garmin (timer and heart rate monitor) my maximum heart rate was 159bpm. Maximum speed around 9mph ... Can that be right? Maximum pace around 7 min/mile. Of course most of the time I was slower ... especially up the hill!

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