Friday, August 27, 2010

Support from Rome

Thanks to sunshinecity (AKA Alex) from Rome for her support. Thanks to her we have broken the £100 barrier. And I have my first sponsor from outside the UK.

Today was my long run. Last Friday I ran 7 miles and struggled a bit. I added the requisite 1 mile per week today so today's run was 8 miles. Surprisingly it was not so hard!

Maybe this was because I set myself a target to run all the time, even when on downhill stretches, at the rather slow pace of 10 minutes per mile. So I didn't slow down much for the last few miles and could have kept going at the finish. Completed the 8 miles in 82 minutes. Slower than my target but it is the distance and endurance that I am focusing on.

I also consumed a carbohydrate energy gel at the 4 mile mark. This is a tube of sticky orange gel that provides glucose and salts to keep you going. It's rather hard to eat while running ... even if it is a gel ... so I have to work at consuming this stuff. Still it may have done the trick.

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