Monday, September 27, 2010

Run To The Beat

Sunday 26th September

Ran the Run To The Beat half marathon.

The start was delayed because of problems with public transport.

I was worried this was going to be a VERY difficult run because my stomach is bad. Had to queue three times for the toilet before the race.

Then had a wait in Pen 4 for about an hour before we got moving. It was very cold so I kept my jacket on.

Crossed the start line about 30 minutes after the race had started.

Val was waiting for me just before the mile marker so I could dump my jacket. Was good to see her. She got a photo of me too.

My plan was to take it easy and run at a pace of between 9 and 10 minutes per mile. This proved easy! There's a part of the route that is pretty hilly. When I'd gone up the last hill - at around mile 6 - I was still feeling good so decided to stop holding myself back but to go for it. So I ran fast for the next 3 miles - fantastic. Then my knee started to hurt and a slowed down for a mile. Checking my time I realised I was in line for a personal best if I could maintain 9 minute miles. So the last 3 miles I upped the pace a bit and tried to ignore my knee.

Finished at 2 hours 5 minutes. About 20 minutes faster than Run To The Beat last year and 3 minutes faster than my previous personal best on a half marathon.

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