Tuesday, September 14, 2010

stumble no. 1

Sunday 5th September

Had a lie in followed by a long run. I gave up on running my normal route on mainly cycle paths around Merstham because of the number of dogs not on leads. Instead I ran to Redhill then Reigate then back to Merstham. A hillier route than I'd expected. Travelling by car gives you a false impression of the inclines and descents that make a real difference when you are running. Anyway I stumbled after a few miles but seemed ok so kept on running. After about 8 miles my right knee started to hurt slightly. Anyway I kept running for a distance of 10.7 miles. This had taken 2 hours. Slower than expected but I think that was because of my knee. Just have to hope I haven't got an injury that will stop me running. Only 3 weeks to the first half marathon.

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